What would I be expected to do as a volunteer?

There is a lot to do in our shops and helping as a volunteer means there is a wide variety of activities to choose from. If fashion is your passion then valuing and sorting clothes might be for you.  If you enjoy retail and customer interaction, then helping customers choose what they want or working on the till could be up your street. We also need volunteers with a flair for design to help arrange shop and window displays. Some of our shops need volunteer drivers to collect donations in the local area too.

We also have Volunteer Key Holders. This is a vital position within our shop teams and comes with a level of responsibility. Many of our Volunteer Key Holders progress to having careers with us.

Will I need any special skills?

You do not need any special skills, as you will receive on-the-job training and support.  However when you apply, please tell the shop manager of any charity or retail experience you have, as it can often be put to good use. If you have an interest in specialised items such as antiques, books or music we’d love to hear from you. A good eye can lead to a rare find that raises lots of money for The Salvation Army!

How much time do I need to be a volunteer?

Volunteering doesn’t need to interfere with your other commitments. All we ask is for a regular commitment, whether that’s a few hours or a few days per week. All our shops are open on Saturdays but closed on Sundays.

How old do I have to be to volunteer with you?

To undertake most volunteer duties, you must be 16 or over. However, we welcome volunteers who are under 16 if they are taking part in schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh award or seeking work experience – in these cases, we must have a letter of consent from a parent, carer or the school or organisation.

Do you offer financial support?

If you are volunteering for more than four hours per day, we are able to help with reasonable travel expenses. Make sure you discuss these with the shop manager when you apply.

Will volunteering affect my benefits?

Volunteering doesn’t affect your benefits as long as you continue to meet the conditions of the benefit you get. We would always advise you to inform your benefits agency that you are doing voluntary work. For more information on volunteering whilst claiming benefits, visit the Department for Work and Pensions website:


Do I need to supply references?

Yes, we ask for two references from our volunteers. Usually applicants will provide a professional referee and a personal referee, but we ask that neither are family members.

Are there any other volunteer positions within The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army work with some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities; including homeless people, older people, those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as international development tackling poverty and environmental issues. The Salvation Army has many opportunities for volunteers; from serving meals to people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day, preparing and serving food at lunch clubs and community cafés, or running activities and classes in community centres. For more information, visit: www.salvationarmy.org.uk/volunteer-for-us