Pupils, their families and staff at St Alban’s Catholic Primary School in Macclesfield teamed up with us as part of a Recycling Day organised by the school’s Junior Recycling Officers and recycled 823 kilos of unwanted clothing in a single day!

The school held a special fashion show, displaying highly creative items of clothing made by pupils during the morning from recycled materials, including dresses, hats, shoes and bags.

Teresa Cooke, Headteacher, said: “We’re delighted to be working with The Salvation Army to highlight to pupils the importance of caring for the environment and stopping textiles being sent to landfill. The children and their families are really engaged with the scheme and we’re planning to use the money raised from our Recycling Day to buy materials for a pop-up ‘Grow Your Own’ event for pupils. We’ll need plenty of seeds, soil and flower pots and we’d also like to buy some composting bins.”