The GREAT BIG Charity Superstore welcomes a crowd of hundreds

The Salvation Army’s first “GREAT BIG Charity Superstore” drew in a crowd of hundreds of people today as its doors were opened for the first time.

The mega-charity shop, located on Abington Street, Northampton, welcomed its first swarm of customers after the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by Commissioner Clive Adams (Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army UKI). A Salvation Army brass ensemble was also on hand to entertain the crowd.

Within moments of the doors opening, the 10,000 square foot space was buzzing with activity.

Jayne Sargeant, General Manager of the new store, said: “We couldn’t have hoped for a better opening. There were hundreds of people waiting to get a glimpse of the new shop!” 

"We've had a great start. One woman bought 22 dresses so she could donate them to a school for their prom. We've already sold two sofas and a shed. After so much hard work and preparation I’m so pleased with the reception we have received”

Gary Daly, 49, who was shopping with his son, said: “It was not what I was expecting. I thought everything would be more expensive but the products are a really good price. There is a good designer section and we will be coming back for sure.”

The store, which is the first of its kind for The Salvation Army, will act not only as a shopper’s paradise in Northampton, but also as a community hub where locals can socialise and connect with The Salvation Army church. Majors Jason and Janice Snell, ministers of Northampton Salvation Army, said “The superstore presents a new opportunity to serve the community here in Northampton. We’ll be able to offer a safe place where anyone can come and have a chat over a cup of tea.”

After the success of the first day, it seems this new concept shop is a winner with the people of Northampton.