Fortunate bride finds her lost dress

A lady from Widnes has been reunited with her wedding dress in a charity shop following the closing of the dry cleaners it was left at.

The Salvation Army charity shop in Albert Square Shopping Centre, Widnes, received a large donation, including three wedding dresses and several gentlemen’s suits, from Swift Dry Cleaners after they closed down following the passing of the business owner.

Shortly after the donation was made, shop assistant Pauline Braithwaite received a phone call from a lady on behalf of her distressed friend, Michelle, who was trying to track down her lost wedding dress.

Pauline said: “Michelle had gone to reclaim her dress from the Dry Cleaners to discover the business had closed down. After some great detective work, Michelle and her friend had managed to track the dress down to our shop. It was a very lovely and expensive-looking dress.”

When they contacted The Salvation Army charity shop in Widnes, shop manager Pauline was delighted to tell them that the dress was waiting in their stock room.

“She was beside herself when she saw it. She was so excited, the moment she saw it she burst into tears because it meant so much.”

Pauline said she usually tries to keep back special items that might have been wrongly donated, such as books with messages written inside them or watches with inscriptions.

Now she is appealing for help to find the owners of the two other dresses that have been donated.

She added: “We realised we have two more dresses that have not yet been claimed by their owners, and we really hope we can reunite them just as we have with Michelle.

“There might be two other women out there who think their dresses are long gone and don’t realise that we could have them.

“One of the many causes The Salvation Army works for is reuniting family members. I know this isn’t quite the same, but it felt amazing to reunite Michelle with a cherished item, and it was quite emotional.”

Shop: Widnes