'Rookies' from Peter Vardy Ltd volunteer as part of their sales training programme

Sixteen budding young salespeople from leading car dealership Peter Vardy Ltd will volunteer in a Salvation Army charity shop in Glasgow for two days as they take part in a new apprentice style challenge.

The challenge, introduced by Martyn Bellshaw, Chaplain for Peter Vardy Ltd and a member of The Salvation Army church, will involve the Rookies (salespeople) working in teams to generate donations and sell them in the charity shop. Their strategies and sales results will be presented to a panel of judges made up of directors from the automotive business, including Peter Vardy himself.

On speaking about the upcoming challenge, Martyn Bellshaw said: “The Rookie Apprentice Challenge will test the salespeople to be creative and use their intuition as they aim to obtain as many donations as possible to sell in two days. It’s a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills to a high-class judging panel, whilst also helping to raise money for such an important charity”

Denise Waterson, who manages the Salvation Army flagship store on Dumbarton Road and has worked for the charity for 22 years, said: “We can already see such enthusiasm from the Rookies at Peter Vardy so we are looking forward to seeing the results they generate. I’m sure it will be a fun couple of days and will create a buzz in the shop for some time.”

Peter Vardy Ltd is already known for its charitable nature, with The Peter Vardy Foundation being established in 1989 as a way of distributing 10% of the profits from Peter Vardy Ltd to good causes. It exists to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people both locally and abroad.

Profits generated from The Salvation Army charity shop help to fund The Salvation Army’s work with vulnerable and disadvantaged people, including those experiencing homelessness, poverty, unemployment and modern slavery. The Rookie Apprentice Challenge is taking place at The Salvation Army Shop, 91 Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow, G11 6PW.

Shop: 91 Dumbarton Road