As the superstore holds a bedroom furniture event, we share our top tips for redecorating

Your bedroom is a space for mostly sleeping. It’s where you store a lot of your belongings. It’s practical and serves a specific purpose. But we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and it’s usually the only room in the house that’s really ours. This means you can decorate it however you want, and use it to reflect your personality and character. It’s for you to enjoy! Expressing yourself through beds and wardrobes isn’t the easiest thing...the key to adding that wow factor is all in the accessories. Here are our top tips for making your bedroom more than just that

  1. Curtains. As a necessity in every room it’s easy to go for the ‘safest’ option...probably a neutral colour and shape. But curtains can make or break a room so don’t neglect this piece of fabric – take great consideration. Pick a statement colour to stand out from neutral walls and flooring. If you want to stay away bold shades, experiment with texture, pattern and length.
  2. Bedding. Your bedding changes regularly, so you need to have a stash ready and waiting. When buying your bedding, stick to a common colour scheme. That way, it will always match your room. Bedding also covers a lot of space in your room, so choosing a light colour will help to keep your room looking bright.
  3. Cushions and throws. Some would argue that these are a complete waste of time, but they can help with introducing a colour scheme to your room. Matching your throw or cushions to your curtains keeps that drop of colour running through, helping to liven up a neutral palette. This is where your personality can really come through.
  4. Rugs. Not everyone has the luxury of space for a rug. But if you do, not only can it help with brightening your room and adding pattern or colour, but it also makes a room feel a lot more cosy, especially if you have hard flooring.
  5. Theme. Try to stick to a theme throughout your room when choosing your soft furnishings. Anything that you feel reflects your personality or style will be easy to stick to, as you’ll naturally be drawn to these items when shopping. This is always better than trying to copy a style that you’ve seen elsewhere which might be difficult for you to replicate.
  6. Shop around. Shopping for bedroom furniture and soft furnishings doesn’t have to be pricey. Shopping in second hand or charity shops is a great way to find those character items and one off pieces, and are a lot more kind to your pockets. The GREAT BIG Charity Superstore has a fantastic range of brand new and pre-loved bedroom furniture and soft furnishings, so you can add that spark of creativity to your bedroom without worrying about the cost.


The GREAT BIG Charity Superstore ‘Bedroom Bliss’ event is being held in store on Tuesday 8th August. An excellent range of furniture and accessories will be available for one day only!